Tasty Organic Tea- Numi Organic Tea Honeybush, Bushmans Brew

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Honeybush tea

Organic Honeybush tea

Numi Organic Tea Honeybush, Bushmans Brew

by Kristina Blasen (2011)

This stuff is so tasty, it is addicting! It has a very mild sweet taste. No sweetener needed. It has caffeine and a low amount of tannin (that is the stuff that makes your black tea a dark brown color and also what gives strong tea a bitter taste). It is rich in antioxidants, phytoestrogens and essential minerals, so it’s good for you!

I love this because it is widely available, I found mine at the local grocery store here in Minnesota, but you can also find it in the health food or natural food stores as well. It runs $5.49-$6.99 a box though and never seems to go on sale, so, like most organic products, that is a big drawback.

Numi makes a whole line of great organic teas, a few years ago friends gave me a sampler pack for Christmas and the only one I can’t recommend is the Gunpowder Green- that one tastes EXACTLY like a stick from a campfire in a cup! It has a strong smoke flavor that might be useful for marinating vegetables or something, but since I grabbed it without looking at the package and added milk and honey then drank it in the car on the way to work…well, I’m sure you can imagine what a shock that was when I took a sip! Tea everywhere and me teaching in a wet shirt. Eww, I can still taste it just thinking about it!

Honeybush Plant

Honeybush Plant

Stick with the Honeybush, it’s wonderful!


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