A quest for a deodorant I’m not allergic to…Terressentials Zesty Citrus

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Zesty Citrus scent

Terressentials Deodorant- Zesty Citrus scent

Terressentials Zesty Citrus Experiment

by Kristina Blasen (2011)

After doing some online research I decided to order Terressentials Zesty Citrus deodorant since I’ve already tried several name brands of deodorant and antiperspirant and either I’m allergic to the scent or I’m allergic to something in the product formulation that makes me super ITCHY and red!

The Terressentials website has a lot of great information and articles. Sadly, their awesome articles will remain hidden for most since they look like ads going down the right side of the page with each title in a little box with a picture…you can check them out here:

I’d already checked out the local natural foods store (Valley Natural Foods) and they didn’t carry what I was looking for- I wanted something 100% organic not something with a token 5 or 10% organic ingredients and the rest all the chemicals in non-organic deodorant.

Terressentials makes Fragrance- free Aloe Vera, Zen Spice, Lavender Fresh and Zesty Citrus deodorants.

Good news is, the smell doesn’t make me sick, it is light and smells like citrus with a mix of lemon and orange smell. It’s working just fine without all those nasty ingredients.

Here are the ingredients so you can compare:

Organic Zesty Citrus

Organic aloe vera juice°, mineral blend, baking soda, organic extract° of wildcrafted usnea, organic extracts° of organic yucca° and organic white willow°, essential oils of organic sweet orange°, organic lemon°, organic true lavender°, organic rosemary°, organic ginger°, organic tea tree°, organic clove bud°, organic bergamot°, organic ylang ylang° and organic eucalyptus°.

°USDA Certified Organic

Let’s compare this with the ingredients of a common brand name deodorant for women you can find on your local store’s shelf.

Secret (Non-organic)

Aluminum Zirconium, Trichlorohydrex Gly, Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Polyethylene, Silica and Propylene Carbonate.


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