Driscoll’s Organic Raspberries vs. Driscoll’s Regular (non-organic) Raspberries

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Driscoll’s Organic Raspberries vs. Driscoll’s Regular (non-organic) Raspberries

I was in Super Target shopping for groceries here in Minnesota and I came across some Driscoll’s organic raspberries that looked extremely tasty so I picked them up. As I walked down the aisle I came across the regular non-organic Driscoll’s raspberries which were $1 cheaper. With the container of organic in my hand, I leaned in to look closer at the regular since they were the same brand and I was so shocked I whipped out the phone camera and took a picture of them side-by-side. The regular (non-organic) raspberries were a pale red in comparison with a whitish powder coating, they were ripe and not rotten or anything, and if I wouldn’t have had the organic in my hand I wouldn’t have thought anyhting of it- but the difference in color and quality was so noticable it was like the other weren’t really like real raspberries at all.

Of course, once I took the picture, I kid you not, the produce man followed me around like I was a spy or something! Eventually, I’ll figure out how to get this mysterious phone picture off my phone and post it here for you to see!

Driscoll’s organic raspberries are USDA certified organic and the same company also offers non-organic raspberries. If they truly cared about why organic food is important and not just making more money of the designation “organic” how can they live with that?


2 Responses to “Driscoll’s Organic Raspberries vs. Driscoll’s Regular (non-organic) Raspberries”

  1. I don’t fault Driscoll for having organic and non-organic. I do applaud them for having organic. I’ve bought the organic for $5 and sometimes the non-organic when they are $2.50

  2. The organic raspberries from Driscoll’s berry farm are sweeter and overall better every time I compare them at the different times. Organic is the way to go with raspberries . For the extra dollar pay it and eat them organic also the organic blackberries are sweeter and tastier than the regular

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