First Day of Juice Fast

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Today is the last day I’m doing my half juice/half food.

I’m feeling comfortable that I can do the juice fast. I know how to make the juices, I know where to get the produce and back up places to get it if needed…and where not to get it (Hello Wal-mart, your produce sucks!)

I’ve also got the rhythm of it– making the juices every day, needing to shop more often…storing and preparing the produce…also needing to carry the juice and water with me and needing to plan before I’m leaving the house for a long time.

My household is now used to me doing juices everyday so it isn’t a big deal now.

I’m also confident that I can keep working out on juice only just fine…green juice gives me plenty of energy to fuel the workout.

I’ve been careful for my last trips to the store not to buy foods that would be especially tempting for me, I was still able to get regular food that everyone else likes, but that wouldn’t be tempting for me. There’s no junk- even though they are all skinny and can eat whatever they like…there is also no peanut butter, chocolate anything or garlic bread 🙂

I’ve been asking myself I am ready to commit to a 60 day total juice fast? I consider things like that it will include Memorial Day weekend, going to see my favorite band that I’ve wanted to see since high school, my birthday, 4th of July…and probably other events I haven’t even thought of yet. Of course 3 out of 4 of those I’m thinking of the food aspects that I won’t be partaking in, that alone should be a clue to me about my relationship with food! I could have more fun by just planning ahead to do something active at those various events…hiking, boating, biking etc…instead of sitting on the sidelines and eating food or making food the “celebration” instead of actually doing something!

So, yes, I am committed. Feelings-wise…maybe nervous? I’m going to print out a calendar for the fridge and mark off 60 days….X for when the day is done and 🙂 for every day that I workout.

I’m going to continue to blog about the fast…not because anybody is reading them 🙂 but because I won’t remember the experience the same way if I don’t write down the day to day stuff.


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  1. Rest assured that someone is reading it. Sometime is just takes a minute to come across a desktop. What supplements are you taking to maintain your energy?

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