Juicing Experiments

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I’ve had two green juices so far today and what people say about beginning to crave their “green-ness” is true! I got some garden grown giant cucumbers from the mom&pop gas station down the road. I give them a lot of credit for going to the farmer’s market and bringing in a truckload of vegetables to this neighborhood each week. It is at least 5 miles to the nearest grocery store and that would be a Publix (very expensive) or a Wal-mart (terrible quality). There are a ton of people around here without cars and Florida isn’t exactly known for great public transportation.

ImageI got a mango too, it smelled really good and was fully ripe…of course, I’m not sure I like mango 🙂 I’ve had maybe two in my life and I don’t think they were all the way ripe so the turpentine smell-taste was not good. Anyway, I’m going to juice it with…something. (I got a book on juicing at the library today to look at for ideas.)


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