Juicing Rollarcoaster (30 days in)

In Juicing, Natural Foods, Nutrition, Organic, Organic Foods, Raw foods on January 24, 2014 by organicconversion Tagged: , , , , , ,

watermelon apple strawberry juiceWhen you aren’t stuffing feelings with food, they come out. Sometimes I’m not surprised at what comes out, but sometimes I really am.

At first when I started juicing…it was like a roller coaster of emotions. One day I was depressed or tried, then angry…then furious…eventually there were nicer emotions like peace and feeling happy and more hopeful…what all that showed me was something I sort of knew but didn’t “get” at the time and that’s that I’d been not really “feeling” any feelings at all for awhile.

So, a month into juicing and there is no roller coaster anymore, but in general I’m more aware of my feelings and express them instead of keeping them frozen. Other people would say I’ve had more of a “temper” and I’m not as nice…I say I simply made a decision that I’m tired of being walked all over and if I can’t change that much at home I can definitely start with no longer making nice and putting up with crap from strangers! I never really thought about it before, but like a lot of women, I was taught to “make nice” and to “be polite” and to “keep the peace”…I see now how often and at what price some of that came to getting my own needs met. I’m still generally nice, but no longer at the price of ME and what I need.


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