Kids and Juicing

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ImageDay 2 Modified Juice Fast

My ten year old got a kick out of the juicer…especially when I didn’t quite have the lid all the way on and it shot apple bits at him!

I made my second batch of mean green juice after lunch. I used a lot less lemon this time, added a handful of baby carrots for sweetness and used 1 green and 1 red apple instead of 2 greens…the result was sort of like a sweet green V8, but no tomatoes…I don’t know, overall it tastes better since it isn’t so sour-spicy as yesterday! I also soaked the kale since I bought chopped (next time I’ll get leaves) and it seemed to help.

I had three juice and two regular meals yesterday and a ton of energy. Today, I had one for breakfast right before swimming…the first 36 went fine, then I felt tired and struggled through the next 18 and finished strong…it might not have been the juice though…I swam super late last night and finished at 9pm and then again at 10am this morning, so I only had half the recovery time I’m used to…

Meanwhile, I was sharing the lap lane (swimming) with an older man who swam 108 laps (1.5 miles) in the time it took me to do about .75 and he never stopped and never used the board. He did say he built up to that though.


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