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A quest for a deodorant I’m not allergic to…Terressentials Zesty Citrus

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Zesty Citrus scent

Terressentials Deodorant- Zesty Citrus scent

Terressentials Zesty Citrus Experiment

by Kristina Blasen (2011)

After doing some online research I decided to order Terressentials Zesty Citrus deodorant since I’ve already tried several name brands of deodorant and antiperspirant and either I’m allergic to the scent or I’m allergic to something in the product formulation that makes me super ITCHY and red!

The Terressentials website has a lot of great information and articles. Sadly, their awesome articles will remain hidden for most since they look like ads going down the right side of the page with each title in a little box with a picture…you can check them out here:

I’d already checked out the local natural foods store (Valley Natural Foods) and they didn’t carry what I was looking for- I wanted something 100% organic not something with a token 5 or 10% organic ingredients and the rest all the chemicals in non-organic deodorant.

Terressentials makes Fragrance- free Aloe Vera, Zen Spice, Lavender Fresh and Zesty Citrus deodorants.

Good news is, the smell doesn’t make me sick, it is light and smells like citrus with a mix of lemon and orange smell. It’s working just fine without all those nasty ingredients.

Here are the ingredients so you can compare:

Organic Zesty Citrus

Organic aloe vera juice°, mineral blend, baking soda, organic extract° of wildcrafted usnea, organic extracts° of organic yucca° and organic white willow°, essential oils of organic sweet orange°, organic lemon°, organic true lavender°, organic rosemary°, organic ginger°, organic tea tree°, organic clove bud°, organic bergamot°, organic ylang ylang° and organic eucalyptus°.

°USDA Certified Organic

Let’s compare this with the ingredients of a common brand name deodorant for women you can find on your local store’s shelf.

Secret (Non-organic)

Aluminum Zirconium, Trichlorohydrex Gly, Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, Polyethylene, Silica and Propylene Carbonate.



The Organic Conversion

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What's in Your Food? by Bill Statham

What's in Your Food? by Bill Statham

Hi! Welcome to the “covert” organic, a little blog about converting from the processed foods and products full of chemicals and other unhealthy junk to natural foods and organic products- all while eiking by on a tiny budget and using my brain to research chemicals and pick good alternative products.

This is really a snapshot of the ongoing story chronicling my slow conversion from buying the average everyday brand name foods, bath and beauty products, laundry and cleaning products that I grew up with to buying organic in order to reduce my exposure to toxic stuff.

I’m checking the labels and researching what those crazy chemical names mean on the back of the label and with some help from a great book called “What’s in Your Food?” by Bill Stratham. Research has shown that those chemical names that we assume are okay since they are in the food and products that we buy at the local stores aren’t always “okay”.

Sometimes those long names tacked on at the end of the list of ingredients are just the formal name for a vitamin and not something that is bad for you, but sometimes those names are hiding chemicals that are known carcinogens or mutagens.

Like a lot of people, I’m on a budget and besides finding all the hidden chemicals that are in pretty much everything, I’m finding it hard to buy organic because it costs so much more than all those chemical-laden brand name products that are on every store shelf and I have to look a lot harder and research more to find out which organic alternatives are the best and where to buy them.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Soap

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Soap- Basil

I’m trying out different natural products as I replace the “old” brand name chemical-laden stuff I always bought before because it was cheap and widely available and seeing what works and what is the most cost-effective.

Luckily, I read a lot of great articles that point me in the right direction of products and chemicals to watch out for, then I go and do my own research so I call tell the real from the quacks.

So, that is what this blog is going to be about…I think. 🙂

by Kristina Blasen (2011)