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Organic mud shampoo is a no-go!

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A quest for organic shampoo and conditioner that works!

by Kristina Blasen (2011)

I tried the Terressentials organic mud-based shampoo (Left Coast Lemon┬áPure Earth Hair Wash) for about a month and overall it is a no-go so I’m back to searching for something better…and cheaper…preferably local…

I loved knowing that I wasn’t putting chemicals in my hair that are known to cause cancer, the Lemon scent was great and it made my hair super soft, but you have to order it in the mail and it is super expensive and you need a lot when you first start using it for your hair to adjust (according to their website).

Pure Earth Hair Wash by Terressentials

The big downside is that I have dark blonde hair and the mud shampoo significantly darkened the look of my hair and after repeated use the hair felt super soft, but also thick and gummy. I think this is because of the organic Castile based soap made from olive oil, since I tried a different Castile-soap and ran into the thick gummy feeling before. It isn’t all bad though, I love the Terressentials organic baby wash and their organic deodorant and I will order those again when I run out!

MasterCuts label sulfate free moisture shampoo




This time I’m trying out MasterCuts Moisture formula sulfate free shampoo and conditioner since they were on sale when I got my hair cut. These smell great, mildly fruity and for the first ten washes or so, all was well…until, there it was again, that gummy dirty hair buildup feeling [sigh]. It isn’t all bad though, one wash with a different shampoo every so often and these still work great!

MasterCuts label sulfate free moisture conditioner